>The late, great, MR. LALO GUERRERO ~ THE GODFATHER OF CHICANO MUSIC < In concert in Los Angeles, 2002

Although some radio stations call any song over 5 years old "Oldies" or "Old School", not all of them are "Goodies", or something you want to hear over & over. Below are some cool links to some cool spots where "cool" is a state of mind. R & B was originally "Rythym & Blues", not the stuff you hear today, which is better termed "Hip-hop". Unfairly labeled "street music" by fans of other genres , (especially hard rock fans, who can't dance or romance to save their lives), the cruising Oldies but Goodies & mellow west coast Latin Soul take you back to the day when combing your hair,  puttin' on make up & lookin' good, and "tirando chancla"  was an art!

  Speaking of Art, nobody does the  Arts like the Gente. check out other areas of the Brown world 

Music and Dancing action in Aztlan ~ The mythical Land of 1000 Dances in The City of Angels

The L.A. Latin Legend All Stars/EUROPA/EAST LOS ~ Ray Carrion has assembled some of the finest current leader music performers of Latin Soul/Chicano Rock & Roll on the West Coast, and they are available for ANY occasion! Featuring veterans from such groups as THEE MIDNITERS, TIERRA, WAR, EL CHICANO, AZTECA,The TITO PUENTE Band, The POCHO SANCHEZ Band, SANTANA, SAPO, CANNIBAL & The HEADHUNTERS, and many others, Ray has the group & show for you! Give him a call today at : 323-895-2863. ~ The best Latino web magazine on the West Coast

Established in 1999, LatinoLA is the first and  fastest growing web magazine on the West Coast, dedicated solely to the Arts, Entertainment, Cultural, Educational, and Business interests of the Latino community.

With a comprehensive and user friendly calendar page, stay connected to the BROWN side of Town! 


  The first on-line web magazine dedicated exclusively to Chicano/Xicano Arts & Culture, Xispas magazine takes you deep into Brown territory, with award winning  nationally acclaimed writer~poet  Luis Rodriguez, author of "Always Running" and other books.

  Check it out~ get an education~get exposure to the Brown side of town~

  Get XISPAS in your blood!

Chicano Express radio ~ for the Tejano in all of us

Home of the "Godfather of Tejano~Chicano Soul", Tejano Music R.O.O.T.S.  Hall of Fame inductee "Crazy Chuy" Hernandez broadcast the finest Tejano~Chicano~West Coast Latin Soul music on the web, where Frankie Firme is an ocassional guest DJ.

"Este vato es muy loco...pero estan muy suave"

Ruben Molina's

One of the most extensively researched and published book on the phenomenon of "Cruising & Lowriding" music ever written. Archival photos and historical facts, thousands of song titles,record labels & artists/groups. A must for collectors! Author Ruben Molina has traversed the Country, interviewing numerous artists, musicians, producers, promoters and members of that great Chicano audience from "back in da day" to bring it to you!

Also check out Ruben's "CD's for sale" page, featuring some of the rarest, hard to find Oldies anywhere outside of L.A., including his new tribute to Viet Nam Veterans, "Does anybody know I'm here?", a beautiful 23 song tribute, with some songs that were banned during the war.

And now, his new CD "Chicano Soul Vol II" is out, featuring rare, never before heard soul Oldies & ballads from los Carnales de San Antonio ,Texas.

Check it out, and tell him you heard it from Frankie Firme!


Check out what's happening with one of Southern Califas' hottest Chicano music groups. Taking it to the people, this group goes thru Oldies, Cumbias, Rock n Espanol, Tex-Mex, Rock, Disco & Funk like nobody else! Check 'em out, get on their mailing list and party hard with SATISFACTION! They are available for all occassions!

Read recent reviews on 's A & E page, and on SATISFACTION's newsletter page, and check out their calender of public appearances.

Get some SATISFACTION!!...they truly satisfy!!!!

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